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This is something I’m making for myself and I wanted to make some for you guys too. It’s a faded out vintage feel crewneck that will simple say FREE BRITNEY on the front. Because honestly, I wanna be part of the Free Britney crew. 

I graduated high school in 2003 during the rise of the Britney era. The Baby One More Time Video was the hottest Halloween costume and she was the absolutely shit.  

The thing the stuck with me the most after watching The Times documentary, was how many people, actually, everyone said that no matter how evil and horrible people treated her, she never struck back. She never went down to that cruel level. The way you treat people follows you. It follows you forever because the effect you have on people stays long after you’ve left. 

I can’t imagine a creative warm hearted happy soul being caged and controlled for so long. Your spirit starts to die, but something inside of you won’t let it. You find outlets and you find ways to feed your soul. The human spirit is the most resilient thing and it needs to be free. How can we even fathom anything else. 

Free Britney. 

**Heads up this style is more of that vintage college sweatshirt feel and runs a bit bigger than our standard BKC Crews.  It's that 90's / Ariana oversized vibe. 

Picture this: big white block letters across the chest that simply say, FREE BRITNEY, a white bkc DON'T BE A PRICK pin and a secret message from Britney hidden somewhere just for you to read. 

I went through and read so many things she’s written and said over the years and found something that I hope speaks to your heart.  

80% ringspun cotton, 20% polyester; preshrunk, soft-washed, garment-dyed fabric; set-in sleeves; sideseamed body; forward rolled shoulder; 1x1 rib on collar, cuffs and relaxed waistband; double-needle stitched.