bkc crop tee

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so soft /// bkc crop tee

features: flowy fit /// side seamed /// tailored sleeve /// modest crop

65% poly /// 35% viscose


**The grass green, deep teal blue, black, navy, navy + peach, and all of the organic connection tees are a collab project with our friends at Wise Fool. These tees are 100% organic cotton and made in Southern California.

Our concept was to highlight the beauty of true and organic connection. As the tee says: “The natural process of creating community through sincere acts of kindness, acceptance, inspiration, and mutual support. Be kind grow organic.”

You know when you’re in line and the person in front of you buys your coffee for no reason, or someone leaves a flower on your car or you meet someone and in an instant you feel at home in their presence? It’s like that. It’s all about that. We’re so touched by these moments because they don’t happen all the time and they remind us that there are people in the world, working to make it a more beautiful place.

Like the music industry, there’s nothing better when two artists come together to collab on a project or when someone you love makes a remix of a something you already love. It just makes it even better. That’s our goal. We’re not competing, we’re collaborating.

What if we all made it?

I hope we all make it.

I believe that we will win.