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These jackets have been a long time coming.   It took 4 months of love and art, and they are HERE.

Each jacket is a piece of art.  A one-off design of its own.  

This piece features a moto style, vintage black faded denim with the black BKC OG CITY OF GOOD NEIGHBORS print on the back with custom black on black DON'T BE A PRICK BKC buttons. 

The distressing up the arm is meant to give the vibe of a single sleeve tattoo.  

Add your own touch and pick your pin color with this one, just leave us a note at checkout letting us know which one you'd like and we'll put it on for you!

PIN COLOR OPTIONS --choose from:

teal + rose gold

black + rose gold

black on black

ghosted out white on white

We put a special something on the inside of the jacket, just for you.  That thing on the inside?  It's from our heart to yours, keep it with you or take it off and give it to someone that you think needs it someday.  

Each jacket comes with the elusive white custom BKC decal --you know the ones that are hard to come by, well we made a few, just for you. 

PS:  check your pockets